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Murder By The Book

Hermes Van Buren is a world renown romance writer. “A Likely Story” bookstore is hosting a book signing for his most recent novel “Shoot Me Through the Heart.”  Before Abigal Woodstone, owner of the bookstore, can introduce him to the fans, he is shot dead! Did a competing romance author want him out of the way, to reduce competition in the market? Was his publisher, who was accused of putting money before artitic creativity, seeking to stifle Herme”s accusations of financial impropriety? How does the chapter end? Join us for this thrilling “novel” storyline.

Deadly Reception

Washington Socialite Elizabeth Crandall hosts a reception for her dear friend Senator Dan Drewnell and his lovely new wife Marcia. As Elizabeth begins to introduce the Senator – the head of his political party rushes in to say the Senator has been shot! The Senator’s daughter doesn’t like her new step mother, his political opponent arrives at the reception uninvited, Elizabeth’s former husband was always jealous of his wife’s relationship with the Senator, the Senator’s new bride only seems interested in his money……motives and suspects abound!

Who Killed The Earl Of Grey?

The annual Golden Rose Award ceremony – a highly coveted competition each year in Pendleton County is being judged by The Earl of Grey. While drinking tea and eating scones, he is poisoned. Did the butler, tired after years of long service to the Earl murder him? Was it Lady Devonshire who recently discovered the Earl stole her new tea blend recipe and made millions, a suspect? Was it Lady Lucille Lipton who invested heavily in a business scheme with the Earl and then lost millions, seeking revenge?? Time will tell as this hilarious cast unveils the motive!

Recipe For Murder

A chef has recently won the coveted “Slice and Dice” cooking competition winning 100,000 dollars. At a press conference to showcase his newly released book of recipes he is poisoned! Was the murderer the first runner up who was jealous of the Chef’s success? Did a former business partner who was left having to manage their joint restaurant venture alone seek revenge? Was it the ghost writer of the cookbook who was angry over not receiving credit for her contribution to the recipes? Which suspects are in a hot kettle of fish?

I Love You To Death

A box of chocolates is delivered to a wedding reception with a congratulatory note for the lovely bride Lana Upton. An unsuspecting best man eats one of the chocolates and is poisoned. Was the intended victim the bride or bridegroom? Who would want the groom dead? The mother in law? The DJ who formerly dated the bride? A business partner? Time will tell as the reception continues

Murder On The Set

A movie production company is on location shooting for an upcoming film when it is discovered the head of the studio has been shot. Is the actress who is making a comeback (against the advice of the head of the studio) guilty? Was it the director, who recently discovered the studio head announced, would be his last film? Did the Producer who hasn’t had a blockbuster hit in the last 10 years have a financial motive? Or is an unsuspecting character on the set guilty of the murder? (Also available for the movie: Western, 50’s theme, 30’s gangster theme, Pirates theme, Rock/Roll theme)

Who Murdered The American Icon?

A panel of judges holds a contestant to pick a new American Icon. One of the contestants is murdered and everyone is suspect – including one of the judges who think they sing better than the contestants.

Who Wants To Murder A Millionaire?

Professor wins a million dollars on the TV show “Who Wants to Win a Million.” He invites the TV host, family and friends to a victory dinner. During the dinner the professor is shot. The TV host takes over to help a detective and party guests solve the crime.

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